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Meet Red Rocket

Hi I’m Bonnie and I LOVE My Houston Rockets!!

As  a die-hard fan I strive to support my team to their next victory.

Only problem is my life is hectic, very hectic at the moment which leaves me no time to travel to show my support in Houston.

What’s a girl to do?  Well…

Watch… Yell…. Dance…  Cook….

I watch every game.

I yell at the ignorant referees. 

I  dance along with my Red Rocket hubby as we support our team.

I cook to support my team.  My players deserve the best, they need well-balanced meal to refuel their bodies, comforting dishes to remind them of their loved ones at home and the occasional baked sweet to celebrate!!

So join me as I cook for my team, share stats and shower my players with love, compassion and plates of goodness!




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